Hurricane Arthur makes first landfall

Shortly before midnight Thursday, Arthur made landfall over the Shackleford Banks near Cape Lookout, North Carolina. (National Hurricane Center) The storm, upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, pounded the Outer Banks with 100 mph maximum sustained winds. (Reuters)  Some flooding occurred in Beaufort County,  but no deaths or injuries have been reported, according to the county’s emergency manager, John Pack. (WRAL, Raleigh)


Dashboard and smartphone cameras provide stunning video of meteor

Our knowledge of abrupt events like the meteor(ite) (shower) that struck Russia earlier today are being forever changed by new consumer technology like smartphones and dashboard cameras, and by internet services like YouTube and Twitter.

[T]he most dramatic scenes were captured by Russia’s ubiquitous dashboard cameras, quickly uploaded to video sharing sites such as YouTube and copied among different users.
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Massive meteor(ite) reported to injure hundreds in Russia

A massive meteor(it)e reportedly left a trail of damage and injuries across Russia’s sparsely populated Chelyabinsk region earlier today. The shock wave it created blasted out windows, caused a roof to collapse, and injured hundreds of people. Below, a Russia Today broadcast describes the event.

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Blizzard pounds East Coast, knocks out power and nuclear plant

Snow and hurricane-force winds battered eastern states through the night, and more snow in expected today. The accompanying storm surge caused “severe coastal flooding ” in Massachusetts.  The storm knocked out power to more than 650,000 homes and businesses and forced cancellation of more than 5,000 flights.

Photo: Sugar Hill, Harlem, New York, on Feb.9,2013, by rufusowliebat at Flickr (CC)
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